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Mohmand Dada Minerals

A Committed and professional mining company in Pakistan.

MDM’s core asset is its team of highly qualified & dedicated individuals who have carried out pioneering work in exploring and developing mineral resources in Pakistan and Afghanistan with the aim of becoming a leading mining company of the region. MDM specializes in dimensional stones quarrying and processing. Over the last decade it has become Pakistan’s leading supplier of natural stone aiming to introduce a wider range of new stone products in local and international market. MDM currently owns and operates quarries of a vast range of exotic and standard dimensional stones in Pakistan and Afghanistan employing innovative and latest technology in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. MDM is a leading yet evolving dimensional and ornamental stone company in the Natural Stone industry. It was founded since last two generations engaged in exploration, research, quarrying of Marble & other minerals. In recent years the company has grown continuously and undergone significant international expansion, making it the leading company in the sector. MDM is presently one of the most innovative companies in the stone industry of the region-Pakistan & Afghanistan as it employs sophisticated production process which result in technologically advanced products.

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C-46, Chaghi Road, Marble City Hub Pakistan
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